Electric Guitar Songs

There are thousands of electric guitar songs available on the internet, unfortunately at the moment a lot of guitar tab sites are being taken to court over the copyrighted music they are showing on their sites.

Because of this I will have to point you in the right direction and recommend some good guitar tab books that have excellent guitar songs to learn in them.

Generally, you will find that most Pop or Rock songs have fairly easy chords in them and you will be able to get the hang of them fairly easily.

I can highly recommend ‘Guitar Tab White Pages’ this book has a massive collection of Guitar songs from about the 1960s onto more recent times.

If you are looking for some extra help and not just the basic music, there are quite a few very useful guitar magazines that are available from your local store. Guitar World is very popular and includes lessons and advice in each issue.

Total Guitar is another useful read and is Europe’s best selling guitar magazine.

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