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Guitar Tips For Tuning
Tune your guitar in seconds using a piece of metal and your head!? See the guitar tips for tuning page
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Guitar Beginner Blog
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Contact us for Guitar Help
Need some guitar help and advice? Contact me direct to ask any questions!
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Some guitars are an investment. Buy vintage guitars on eBay and get your dream guitar at a very low cost. This is a helpful guide.
Eddie Van Halen Guitars, EVH Frankenstein Replica and Art Series
The latest Eddie Van Halen guitars are the Frankenstein replica and now the affordable EVH Art Series Guitars.
Guitar Beginner Sitemap
The list of pages organised by section on the site.
This Guitar Chords Video Shows You How To Play The A, D and G Chords
A guitar chords video teacher guitar beginners how to play the A, D and G chords. Learn how to play these chords and put them together in a song.